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Slipknot At Download Festival: “Another Case Of This Band Dominating Download”

Gav Lloyd
Gav Lloyd 13 June 2015 at 11.21

Slipknot At Download Festival: “Another Case Of This Band Dominating Download”

Slipknot headlined the first night of Download Festival. Here's what we made of it all.

We all know that Slipknot are from Iowa, but if anywhere can lay claim to being Slipknot's home away from home, it's most definitely Download. Who could forget '09 - a year they stole the show and cemented the place they've been in ever since.

Donington and Slipknot have become very familiar over the years, so it's no surprise that they've been welcomed back with open arms once more. The thing that separates tonight from those previous sets is this time around they're armed with their first new album in six years in the form of '5. The Gray Chapter' and a new stage show to match.

The circus of horrors theme from their arena tour is wheeled out along with new songs. The likes of 'Custer' and 'AOV' are delivered with that trademark straight-for-the-jugular ferocity that made us all so enamoured with this band in the first place.

Pretty much everything that made this band so special since they first emerged is present and correct. 'People = Shit' and 'Spit It Out' (complete with 'jump-the-fuck-up' bit) are as chaotic as they've ever been, Chris Fehn rapidly spins around on his drum riser, Mick Thompson looms over the crowd as the devastating man-mountain he is, Clown stalks the stage with horror movie intensity and Corey Taylor remains the captivating frontman we know and love.

This is another case of Slipknot dominating Download. They've come along way from '09, tonight Slipknot once again prove they are one of the best metal bands in the world.

Words by Gav Lloyd, photos by Carla Mundy. Check out our full gallery of Slipknot headlining Download Festival right here.

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