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Silverstein - ‘Dead Reflection’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 July 2017 at 16.01

Silverstein - ‘Dead Reflection’ Cover

The emo titans are back with a new album.

When it comes to crafting a new album, Silverstein don’t like to rock the boat too much. Though when the band’s formula for penning introspective anthems is so reliably good, why mess with it?

Their ninth (yes, ninth) full-length is another collection of sprawling, melodic and at times gloriously punishing post-hardcore – ‘Ghost’, ‘Secret’s Safe’ – that manages to feel as vibrant as it does comfortably familiar.

It’s very much the work of a band who are still capable of delivering the goods even after 17 years, while showing the fresh-faced up and comers a thing or two. 

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