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Sick Puppies - Tri-Polar

7 April 2011 at 09.00

Sick Puppies - Tri-Polar Cover

Australian rockers Sick Puppies finally release their third full-length on our shores...

Since Nickelback went global there’s been a swell of bands hankering after their success, and Australia’s Sick Puppies are more than a deserving contender on their third album. ‘Tri-Polar’ is packed with post-grunge vocal melodies and nu metal touches, with little yells like ‘let’s do this!’ and ‘fight!’ thrown in for good measure. When vocalist Shimon Moore sings ‘I Hate You’ the swirl of instruments mimic those of Adema but with a much more accessible esoteric pop sensibility. There’s plenty of booming percussion and catchy choruses to host any house party and while Sick Puppies are revivalists in parts, their songs are really enjoyable.


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