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Shipping News - One Less Heartless To Fear

Alex Deller
Alex Deller 31 December 2010 at 09.00

Shipping News - One Less Heartless To Fear Cover

A success as ever...

S’been five years since we were last graced with a Shipping News album and in that time they seem to have ditched the ponderous, sprawling postrock of yore and gained a taut sense of urgency. Collecting seven new tracks and two familiar cuts, ‘One Less Heartless To Fear’ was recorded live but if it weren’t for the occasional “whoop!“ or smattering of applause you’d barely believe it. Merging brittle, jittery riffing, fraught tremolo-picked flutters with mesmeric drum patterns and tense, semi-spoken vocals the result is as resounding a success as ever and a reassuring testament to the ongoing fertility of the Louisville underground.

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