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Sheep On Drugs - Medication Time

Neil Gardner
Neil Gardner 15 December 2010 at 14.21

Sheep On Drugs - Medication Time Cover

Cheap and tawdry fun

Cybernetic sleaze bags Sheep On Drugs have fallen a long way down the food chain since the halcyon days of ‘Motorbike’, not least since crazed singer Duncan X departed to become a tattooist. Remaining shepherd Lee Fraser has a new partner-in-grime in performance artist Johnny Borden but the trash techno formula remains largely unchanged, with the focus squarely on society’s rotten underbelly to a musical backdrop of rock theatrics, unhinged cabaret and pulsing electro tunes. Cheap and tawdry fun it may be but the feeling that ‘Medication Time’ is raking over the same old deconsecrated ground with diminishing results is sadly all-pervading.

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