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Shadows Fall - ‘Retribution’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 September 2009 at 15.00

Shadows Fall - ‘Retribution’ Cover

‘Retribution’ is still a solid enough album...

Shaking off their blatant melodic death metal influences has proved to be a blessing and a curse for Massachusetts’s Shadows Fall. Though they’ve done well not to drag on the coattails of Swedish contemporaries such as In Flames and Arch Enemy, their gradual wade into thrashier waters has seen them lose some of the momentum they once had. Luckily, ‘Retribution’ is still a solid enough album, even if there’s little to be heard that hasn’t been done before. Nonetheless, ‘The Taste Of Fear’ and ‘Picture Perfect’ have just enough bounce in them to keep Brian Fair’s dreads flying for a while yet.

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