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Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 19 May 2016 at 16.50


Anthony Green is back with Saosin. 

A lot can change in seven years. Even more in 12, as Circa Survive’s Anthony Green is back on a Saosin recording for the first time since 2004.In the time between then and now, the band have released two albums, shed Green’s replacement Cove Reber and ultimately disappeared from view while they did other stuff. But put all of these men in a room and give them some instruments, and they click right back into their groove. From the opening notes of ‘The Silver String’, their third album is everything you’d expect from a Green-era Saosin recording.

Swelling atmospherics, Green’s impossibly high screams and potent, urgent post-hardcore make it feel like 2003 all over again. The piercing screams on ‘Ideology Is Theft’ would fit on the band’s self-titled effort without too much shoehorning, while ‘Count Back From Ten’ is only missing a big fringe and some poorly dyed black hair to complete the throwback feel. 

‘Second Guesses’ re-borrows from fellow helium-vocalled band Sleeping With Sirens’ pop sensibility brilliantly and while there are no scene-defining anthems like ‘Voices’ this time around, the winding, mellow ‘The Stutter Says A Lot’ almost fills the gaps.

The takeaway? This album sets the band on their surest footing for years and proves that Anthony Green and friends can still hang. After all this time away, that’s more than enough.

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