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Periphery - Periphery

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 7 July 2010 at 15.44

Periphery - Periphery Cover

Here's some progressive tech metal to sink your chops into...

While Periphery do present a unique progressive tech metal amalgam, their obvious SikTh influence is heavily relied upon to do so. Considering the British six-piece’s demise it isn’t entirely unwelcome and the album mixes just enough texture to make the mimicry acceptable. The near complete subscription to melodic, clean vocals is refreshing and ‘Periphery’’s polyrhythmic maze, though apparently genre-standard at this point, is navigable
due to those steady lyrical patterns that solidify the experience. Though there are some remarkably beautiful sections, ultimately Periphery’s palette is limited and struggles to support itself for all 73 minutes. Still, a laudably bold statement.

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