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Dirty Little Rabbits - Dirty Little Rabbits

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 6 July 2010 at 15.26

Dirty Little Rabbits - Dirty Little Rabbits Cover

After last year's mini-teaser album Dirty Little Rabbits return with their unhinged debut. Excited?

Following last year’s teaser mini-album, Dirty Little Rabbits’ debut proper offers plenty to get your teeth into. The supremely versatile vocal stylings of Stella K are particularly striking, as she yaps, croaks, yells and croons in equal measure, pushing each distinctly oddball, organ-infused groover relentlessly forward. This might not be ‘heavy’ in the traditional sense, but it still has quite an impact, enticing you to bust out your best disco moves before committing murder on the dance floor. Essentially, it’s the sound of slightly unhinged rock musicians having a twisted go at pop music and, in the main, succeeding.

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