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Rozwell Kid - ‘Precious Art’

David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin 15 June 2017 at 14.55

Rozwell Kid - ‘Precious Art’ Cover

Fans of Weezer, listen up.

A kind of weirdo, Pavement-style nerdiness put through a shoegaze filter or, alternatively, early Weezer-like guitar fuzz?

Suddenly there’s a lot of that going around, 20-something years after the blueprints were laid down. This West Virginian four-piece carry the baton better than most though.

Lyrics largely consist of nostalgic references, in-jokes and arch observations, but with a bummed-out charm that invites rather than excludes. If you’ve played the classics to death and want a fresh fix, this is among the best of the new breed’s offerings.

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