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Royal Bangs - Let It Beep

Trevor Baker
Trevor Baker 20 November 2009 at 14.00

Royal Bangs - Let It Beep Cover

The secret of being cool is not to be too obvious...

The secret of being cool is not to be too obvious. That’s why Royal Bangs are, for better and for worse, very much a “cool” band. At the centre of their sound you can still make out a skinny-jeaned indie band strumming away and yelping but they’ve done everything they can to shroud things in mystery. This means that we get the kind of singing-down-the-telephone vocal style beloved of The Strokes, distorted guitar and some deliberately fuzzy production. The best songs, though, like ‘My Car Is Haunted’ contain numerous tiny jewels, moments of chiming percussion, buzzing electronica or gorgeous keyboard lines that deserve a cleaner sound. It is, after all, possible to be too cool.

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