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Rotting Christ - Aealo

Jim Burt
Jim Burt 2 April 2010 at 15.00

Rotting Christ - Aealo Cover

Well-honed sound and delivery...

It seems rather appropriate that Rotting Christ’s latest opus was recorded at the summit of Mount Olympus; ‘AEALO’ certainly reaches similar heights. Deciding to infuse their black-metal roots with their cultural heritage (including female lamenting choirs and reed pipes) also pays dividends and adds another dimension to their already well-honed sound and delivery. The compositions here are awesomely crafted, and at times mesmerising in their power and scope, their intertwining chapters regularly flaunting quality musicians at the top of their game. Some twenty years on, Rotting Christ show no signs of tiring, and on this form that’s most certainly ace news.

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