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Rosetta - The Determinism Of Morality

Alex Deller
Alex Deller 30 May 2010 at 14.00

Rosetta - The Determinism Of Morality Cover

The smell of sweat and labour...

The smell of sweat and labour accompanies Rosetta’s latest effort – gears have been oiled, edges honed and stops firmly pulled out to ensure this is the band’s fullest and most confident release to date. Drums pound relentlessly, delay-drenched leads reach skyward and those rent-a-roar vocals are occasionally joined by something more melodic, all of which drags us forcefully toward the kind of swirling, spaced-out post-metal vortex to which we’re by now accustomed. And there, sadly, is the catch: for all their depth and drama Rosetta have stood roughly stock still, performing a nigh-on faultless technical exercise at the expense of their own individuality.

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