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Rolo Tomassi - Astraea

8 November 2012 at 18.00

Rolo Tomassi - Astraea Cover

We rate the newie from Rolo. Check out what we made of it inside!

Longtime fans of this particular Sheffield band know that they’ve made their name carving out a niche all of their own and sticking to it, deviating little from the blueprint while making some of the finest mathcore albums of the past few years. While ‘Astraea’ certainly doesn’t delve hugely into new territory, songs such as ‘Ex Luna Scientia’ prove that Rolo Tomassi are more focused on making each element stand out now, rather than creating simply a cacophony of noise. Eva Spence’s sung vocals, for example, sound more thoughtfully utilised and not just there for the sake of it. Bottom line: ‘Astraea’ is the sound of a band growing up.

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