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Rise To Remain - City of Vultures

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 8 September 2011 at 16.10

Rise To Remain - City of Vultures Cover

'City Of Vultures' is a firm statement of intent from these rising metalcore stars...

Having spent the last few years opening up for what seems like every band in the metal / metalcore genres, Rise To Remain have finally packaged together a full-length and it’s one they should certainly be proud of. Bursting with riffs and technicality, it’s a hard-hitting and relentless 45 minutes that doesn’t let up; even in the ballad-esque ‘Talking In Whispers’ they pack a formidable punch. Austin Dickinson’s vocals show great range and malleability throughout (a family trait, for sure) and while it’s not a groundbreaking redefinition of what metal should be, it’s a firm statement of intent from the London-based quintet.

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