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Red City Radio - Titles

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 1 November 2013 at 14.33

Red City Radio - Titles Cover

"If your fists aren't in the air by the third track, you don't deserve hands."

Their debut album (’11’s ‘The Dangers Of Standing Still’) marked Oklahoma’s Red City Radio as a punk rock band that consistently one-ups the genre’s conventions, and their signature musicality is all over their second record, too. For them, a gang vocal isn’t just a collective shout but a four-part harmony, and they bolster every song with complex guitar work and an airtight rhythm section. And they’re not advanced in the sense of being obtuse, either; at its core, their sound is still rooted in killer singalong melodies. If your fists aren’t in the air by the third track, you don’t deserve hands.

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