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Rancid - ‘Let The Dominoes Fall’

2 June 2009 at 16.00

Rancid - ‘Let The Dominoes Fall’ Cover

This latest effort conjures up the best parts of their whole career...

For those who turned their noses up in disgust at what they perceived Rancid had become with the release of 03s major-label flirtation that was ‘Indestructible’, it will come as welcome surprise to know that the band has put those six subsequent years to good use. ‘Let The Dominoes Fall’ seemingly ditches the suspect pop, Good Charlotte guest appearances and (almost) trims the fat to embody everything that Rancid have stood for over the years: a multi-faceted melting pot of all that made them, i.e.: scratchy ska sounds, fast-paced punk rock and enough melody to keep the whole thing accessible. This latest effort conjures up the best parts of their whole career and chucks it into the mix, a greatest hits of sorts. The feel good, Hammond-ska sounds of ‘Up To No Good’ could just as easily sit on ‘Life Won’t Wait; the hardcore of ‘The Bravest Kids’ is taken right from ‘Rancid 2000’ and ‘Dominoes Fall’ displays the (listenable) kind of pop that was present in places on ‘Indestructible’. Sadly, as has been the case on most of the Oakland quartet’s recorded output, they sacrifice quality for quantity somewhat. Nineteen tracks is just too many to digest, regardless of who you are.


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