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Puppy - ‘Vol.II’

Matt Ayres
Matt Ayres 11 August 2016 at 17.54

Puppy - ‘Vol.II’ Cover

It's noisy.

London-based trio Puppy sit pretty as one of the most authentic sounding grunge bands in the current UK revival.

‘Vol. II’ is a five-track EP that delights in wallowing through the mucky underbelly of ’90s alt.rock – the lumbering half-time distortion of ‘Entombed’ setting a fuzzy tone, before ‘My Tree’ mimics the classic Alice In Chains staple ‘Them Bones’.

But while this is a solid listen, it is in serious need of something a bit livelier by the time slow-burning finale ‘Here At Home’ rolls around. Here’s hoping these filth-fuelled newcomers kick it up a gear when it comes time to follow up with a full-length.

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