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Polaris - The Mortal Coil

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 November 2017 at 15.06

Polaris - The Mortal Coil Cover

You know what? Australian music is on a proper hot streak at the minute.

From pop-punk to hardcore, it feels as though the most exciting bands in many scenes are coming from the land Down Under. That certainly applies to Sydney’s own Polaris – who with this, their debut album, turn the cogs of innovation forward once more.

They shine most vividly in the sheer breadth of brutal styles they manage to fit onto the record. From launching an array of fret-mangling riffs one minute (‘The Remedy’) to adding bubbling atmospherics and heart-tugging sincerity the next (‘Crooked Path’) – all the way through to just dealing out some of that good old fashioned metalcore desolation (‘Casualty’) – the band dip their feet into as many sounds as they possibly can, while also making some serious waves along the way.

What makes ‘The Mortal Coil’ even sweeter is that at no point does that fusion of styles and moods sound sloppy or forced. Instead, it makes for a tour de force of the senses – and ultimately, an injection of fresh air into a corner of the scene that sometimes feels more like a bland smog.

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