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Planks - The Darkest Of Grays / Solicit To Fall

Jonathan Horsley
Jonathan Horsley 6 August 2011 at 12.38

Planks - The Darkest Of Grays / Solicit To Fall Cover

Southern Lord offer up a Planks toofer...

Previously only available as two separate 12-inch releases, Southern Lord have done their bit for convenience and stuck them on the one CD. It makes sense; both share the same atmosphere, the same rationing of edgy, angsty-not-furious hardcore and post-metal reflections which see Planks defend the territory somewhere between Neurosis and Integrity without having easy access to the apocalyptic fire of either. Still, their riffs are engaging enough, the atmosphere contaminated with a hearty spoonful of nihilism and while the best tracks such as ‘Miasma’ are kinda mosh-hypnotic reveries rather than to-the-jaw haymakers, there’s enough intensity to complement your blacker moods.

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