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Pissed Jeans - ‘King Of Jeans’

Adam F. Kennedy
Adam F. Kennedy 17 August 2009 at 16.29

Pissed Jeans - ‘King Of Jeans’ Cover

Perhaps it’s autobiographical. Perhaps it’s a metaphor. We dare not ask...

Heirs to The Jesus Lizard’s clunking, deranged and frequently wonderfully unpleasant throne, Pissed Jeans were already the sound of suburban America suffering a public wearing-your-mother’s-best-frock-with-semi-erect-member-exposed meltdown. So fans of the dirty great cock in the face that was 07 album ‘Hope For Men’ should strap on the kneepads about now. Because ‘King Of Jeans’ is – oxymoronic potential aside – a far more focused rant of a record. Orchestrating the Pennsylvanian foursome’s sonic car crash is vocalist Matt Korvette, an applaudably unsettling fellow who, when he gets up a head of lurching steam, approaches David Yow in syllable dribbling prime. The first hammer blow arrives within ‘Half Idiot’, exploding into a pummelling chorus riff, Korvette, it seems, proclaiming on more than one occasion “I feel like a giraffe”. ‘Dream Smotherer’ is straight insomniac psychopathic. And nowhere is the Alex Newport-produced cacophony better captured than ‘Human Upskirt’; essentially two minutes of Black Flag as staffed by a room of sex offenders, Korvette slurring about dubious camera/dress interfaces. Perhaps it’s autobiographical. Perhaps it’s a metaphor. We dare not ask. Either way, ‘King Of Jeans’ cures ailments most never realised they suffered, a bullet to the empty brain of everyday living. Long live the ‘King Of Jeans’.

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