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Picturesque - ‘Back To Beautiful’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 5 July 2017 at 15.10

Picturesque - ‘Back To Beautiful’ Cover

Like Sleeping With Sirens? Listen to this.

Like their neighbours in Too Close To Touch, Lexington, Kentucky’s Picturesque tap into a vein of cinematic, yet remarkably candid post-hardcore, drenched in emotion.

Whether it’s vocalist Kyle Hollis’ impressive range and piercing high notes – venturing into Kellin Quinn’s wheelhouse – or the evocative soundscapes that he rides, ‘Back To Beautiful’ is a winning mix of the familiar and the experimental.

Sure, Kyle’s approach won’t be to everyone’s taste, and a handful of these tracks blur around the edges, but when the raw nerves and sweeping riffs of ‘Honestly’ or heartbreaking chorus of ‘Fake Fiction’ are in play, it’s clear that these guys have huge potential.

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