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Pendulum - Immersion

26 May 2010 at 14.00

Pendulum - Immersion Cover

Go immerse yourselves...

If Pendulum are hoping to make a good impression then the swift kick to the love spuds that is ‘Salt In The Wounds’ isn’t really a bad way to start. Okay, so it’s basically nothing more than an unsubtle re-imagining of ‘Blood Sugar’, but is that really such a bad thing? Either way, it’ll give the lovers and the haters something to argue about while the rest of us are off dancing like loons to the aggro-mosh of ‘The Vulture’. And though the guitars may still buzz menacingly in the background, the more outré rock moves of ‘In Silico’ have generally been dialled back in favour of a swing towards the vibe of ‘Hold Your Colour’, however this clearly doesn’t extend to the metallic onslaught of ‘Self Vs Self’. A brutal face-off against Swedish bruisers In Flames, the riffs may come thick and fast but it breaks the mood of the album. A more productive collaboration comes in the shape of The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett on the feral ‘Immunize’, a track that, unsurprisingly, wouldn’t seem out of place on ‘Invaders Must Die’. Ultimately ‘Immersion’ adds nothing new to the Pendulum experience, but still sees the band doing what they do best. Go immerse yourselves.

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