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Parts And Labour - Constant Future

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 10 March 2011 at 09.12

Parts And Labour - Constant Future Cover

Bands and people change.

These guys used to be pretty darn noisy, appropriately so for the Brooklyn scene – Oneida, Black Dice and so forth – they emerged from in the early part of last decade. Bands and people change though, often as a result of maturing. This appears to have happened to Parts & Labor on their fifth album proper. Their fizzy keyboards and Bob Mould-y vocals remain intact, but essentially this is conventional indie-rock: ‘A Thousand Roads’ has a frankly cornball anthem-ness beneath its clattery surface, and if rerecorded it could pass as an Arcade Fire song. Not that they’re terrible at that, but it’s slightly dispiriting.

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