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Our Hollow Our Home - ‘Hartsick’

Sophie Maughan
Sophie Maughan 23 February 2017 at 14.54

Our Hollow Our Home - ‘Hartsick’ Cover

FFO: Breakdowns.

Southampton’s Our Hollow, Our Home proved they could deliver quality over mere quantity with 2015’s thunderous ‘//Redefine’ EP. The metalcore upstarts’ debut album follows in a similar vein, but there’s a renewed sense of ferocity ripping through all 13 tracks.

Hook-laden choruses (‘Karmadillo’, ‘Pride: Lieoness’) collide with hefty breakdowns (‘Feast For The Crows’) striking an apt balance between melody and wanton belligerence.

From the bludgeoning fury of ‘Pride: Of Might And Mane’ to bruising first single ‘Worms Wood’, there’s an intriguing natural world theme, too.

There might just be enough here to set them apart from the masses.

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