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Orange - Phoenix

Darren Johns
Darren Johns 30 December 2009 at 14.00

Orange - Phoenix Cover

It’s still derivative pop-punk mulch...

Escaping from the jaws of dissolution with a new rhythm section on board, LA’s Orange have seemingly jumped punk ships by dropping the Rancid snarl and replacing it with the Green Day croon. Either way, it’s still derivative pop-punk mulch. Armed with T-cut choruses and air-brushed angst, the likes of the Billy Joe-pilfering ‘Each Other’ are mediocre enough but things reach a nadir on the incredulous ‘I Wish’: a ballad that McFly would probably reject for being too wet. If your idea of punk rock is heavily treated vocals/guitars, triggered drums and no discernible personality whatsoever then chuck yourself in. I’d rather drink my cat’s piss.

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