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Nothing – ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’

Matt Ayres
Matt Ayres 12 May 2016 at 14.44

Nothing – ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ Cover

It's pretty emotional, guys. 

‘Tired of Tomorrow’ is an inarguably pessimistic name for a follow-up album, although there’s at least some hope in the music it represents.

Nothing have taken the bleak down tempo alt-rock that they nailed on their first full-length ‘Guilty Of Everything’ and interspersed the desolation with life-affirming melodic passages, emotively delivered via reverb-soaked guitar and Domenic Palermo’s disarmingly quiet vocals.

The resulting sound is one of wistful melancholia, designed for dark rooms, loud headphones and the flickering feeling that while life can be shitty at times, there’s always a chance to find happiness.

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