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Nonpoint - Miracle

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 20 June 2010 at 14.00

Nonpoint - Miracle Cover

One word; stale...

Twelve years on from their independently released debut, Florida’s Nonpoint have well and truly dug their heels into the angsty, big-hearty American, WWE wrestling theme music sound, which has bizarrely garnered them so many middle-of-the-road fans across the States. ‘Miracle’, the band’s sixth fulllength plods along steadily, keeping your face in the perplexed position, and it’s not until penultimate track ‘Dangerous Waters’ that an interested eyebrow raises towards the sky (that’s if you’re still listening that far). A cover of Pantera’s ‘5 Minutes Alone’ strips the original of all of its character and manages to sum the record up in one word; stale.

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