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NOFX - ‘First Ditch Effort’

Gav Lloyd
Gav Lloyd 6 October 2016 at 14.03

NOFX - ‘First Ditch Effort’ Cover

13 albums deep and still just as fun.

The punk legends’ 13th full-length sees frontman Fat Mike tackle a range of subject matter from wrestling with his newfound sobriety on ‘California Drought’ to “Dying his pubes pink” on ‘I’m A Transvest-lite’.

Although much of this is typically tongue-in-cheek, there’s an over-riding theme of the four-piece accepting that they’re not the young band they once were.

While some of these songs may not be up to the standard of their world-beating best, it’s clear they’re still having a lot of fun and on the speedy, snotty likes of ‘Six Years On Dope’ and ‘I Don’t Like Me Anymore’ they prove they’ve still got plenty of fire in the tank.

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