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Nightmares - Suspiria

Alex Reeves
Alex Reeves 11 June 2014 at 10.41

Nightmares - Suspiria Cover

Nightmares' new album Suspiria' is out this week on Rise Record. Here's what we made of it...

Here’s what Rise Records do best. The debut album from this Atlanta, Georgia five-piece, ‘Suspiria’ churns together the metalcore, post-hardcore and electronic flourishes that have defined the label’s reputation and polishes everything to a professional sheen. It’s a familiar concoction of genres, but pulled off with style, soaring choruses and bludgeoning breakdowns. There are however, moments where Nightmares’ individuality shines through. The title track is laced with tinges of a horror-movie soundtrack and the eerie electronica of ‘The Tommyknockers’ is a brilliantly odd interlude. If this lot embrace what makes them unique, this could be the start of something special.

Listen to 'Suspiria' using the Deezer player below.

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