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Neuraxis - Asylon

Ken McGrath
Ken McGrath 24 February 2011 at 09.08

Neuraxis - Asylon Cover

Stomping and infectious.

Neuraxis have never been afraid to inject lighter shades of putrid grey amongst the black, giving their fully loaded assault a progressive twist which others lack. It’s no different here. Guitars writhe uncomfortably as ‘Asylum’ shoulder barges by furiously, before ‘Saviour And Destroyer’ is on top of you, straddling and beginning to choke. However, they haven’t ditched their melodic tendencies either, as evidenced during ‘By The Flesh’. Just as you think it’s a bit one dimensional they roll out the brooding ‘Resilience’ and the stomping, infectious ‘Purity’ and ‘V’, before bringing things to a resounding conclusion with ‘Left To Devour’.

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