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My Passion - Inside This Machine

Jen Thomas
Jen Thomas 22 April 2011 at 09.00

My Passion - Inside This Machine Cover

It's time for that difficult second album, not that it sounds like it...

The second album is always a notoriously difficult monster to tame, but My Passion seem to have skirted any major troubles. With a heavier sound than before and bolstered harmonising vocals, there’s the occasional nod to Muse instrumentally on the likes of ‘Seven Birds’, while the electronic influences still remain at the fore of their sound. Importantly, My Passion have managed to retain a few rough edges here and there to avoid sounding completely polished, keeping enough grit to stay the right side of electro. Highlights include the high octane ‘Asleep In The Asylum’ and ‘In My Fever’, while ‘Guilty Light’ shows that they can do slower songs too. With a new drummer freeing Jonathan Gaskin to provide more vocals and additional guitars, ‘Inside This Machine’ benefits from the extra layers, particularly on the likes of ‘A Secret Never To Be Told’ and the cinematic-sounding ‘Lily White Lies’, complete with an intro that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Tim Burton film. This will hopefully be the album that puts paid to any style over substance claims as My Passion have had time to mature and create a solid sophomore effort.

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