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Moving Mountains - Moving Mountains

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 11 September 2013 at 16.00

Moving Mountains - Moving Mountains Cover

Let yourself be enveloped by this atmospheric slow-burner...

If you’re familiar with New York State quartet Moving Mountains, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that this third, eponymous album is something of a slow-burner. Their predilection for creating an enveloping experience through subtle atmospherics and the gentle lilt of singer Gregory Dunn isn’t for the easily distracted or impatient. But while this style of Appleseed Cast-esque, classic Deep Elm indie-rock can require a bit more long-term buy-in than noisier, brasher and more immediately gratifying records, the resulting pay-off is rewarding in the likes of ‘Eastern Leaves’, while ‘Hudson’ even kind of rawks, albeit in a restrained way.

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