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Moneytree - The Great Indoors Part III

Amy McGill
Amy McGill 2 November 2010 at 12.00

Moneytree - The Great Indoors Part III Cover

Intriguing and brilliant

Moneytree have created something special. The songwriting is complex but instantly rewarding, sometimes cacophonous but never self-indulgent, and the versatility of vocalist Campbell Austin is hugely impressive. Their eclecticism and sense of fun rivals Acoustic Ladyland. ‘Grave And Aloof’ in particular is intriguing and brilliant, combining a Frank Carter-esque aggro-bawl, angular and atonal bass, post-rock drums, and strings of which John Zorn would approve – then an unexpected but intensely satisfying lunge into a beautifully melodic grungy chorus. The multiple layers of vocals sometimes produce an unwelcome emotional distance, but it’s a minor complaint about a superbly crafted piece of work.

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