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Mogwai - Special Moves

Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall 31 August 2010 at 14.00

Mogwai - Special Moves Cover

Live albums are often troublesome things, not for Mogwai

As fans of the group will attest, there’s nothing quite like experiencing Mogwai in a live setting and while ‘Special Moves’ might never fully capture that sheer weight of sound, it nevertheless represents a hugely impressive live document (even without ‘Burning’, the accompanying DVD). Indeed, for those who miss the stripped back aesthetic of ‘Young Team’, the unadorned ferocity of newer efforts such as ‘Friend Of Night’ – no longer buffed with studio sheen – should come as a welcome surprise. And let’s fact it, no matter how many versions of ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’ you might have heard, it never fails to raise goosebumps…

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