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Miss Vincent - ‘Somewhere Else’

Emma Matthews
Emma Matthews 11 May 2017 at 15.07

Miss Vincent - ‘Somewhere Else’ Cover

Misery never goes out of style.

Goth-punks from the South Coast who have a knack for penning songs about misery and life as a pessimist? Nope, it’s not Creeper.

Miss Vincent may be from the same town as their Southampton ghoulfriends, but they’re well on the way to blazing their own trail.

‘The Western Shore’ and ‘The Lovers’ are straight-up punk rock – their choruses laced with Alkaline Trio-aping tones – while ‘Beauty In Darkness’ takes things down a notch or two with some smooth balladry.

All in all it’s an impressive release and, with frontman Alex Marshall’s vocals shining through, one they can be justly proud of.

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