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Miss May I - Monument

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 15 November 2010 at 14.00

Miss May I - Monument Cover

Miss May showing us what made metalcore exciting in the first place

Since metalcore started merchandising a band’s image and paint-splattered jock-straps, before a fairly blueprinted sound structure, it’s been a difficult path to tread to find which bands are worth sticking around to listen to, but with their second outing ‘Monument’, Miss May I have firmly marked their place for Killswitch Engage’s support slots. The thunderous attacks of ‘Relentless Chaos’ and ‘Creations’ show the band’s steps towards thrash tendencies to a well worked effect. With exhilarating time signatures and ruthless musicianship, Miss May I have shown what it was that made metalcore exciting in the first place, and why we can love it once again.

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