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Minus The Bear - Omni

Mike Haydock
Mike Haydock 26 August 2010 at 14.00

Minus The Bear - Omni Cover

The follow up to 07's Planet Of Ice and Minus The Bear up the fun factor...

‘Omni’ is not as intriguing as 07’s ‘Planet Of Ice’. The latter skewed Minus The Bear’s math-pop with prog: at times, it felt disconcerting. ‘Omni’, in contrast, couldn’t be easier on the ears. Dave Knudson’s spidery guitar work is still evident, but now there’s a heavier reliance on the band’s rhythm section to shape the songs. This makes ‘Omni’ sound cohesive but slightly predictable in tone. Fortunately, when Knudson and keyboardist Alex Rose take charge, the band are invigorated: ‘My Time’ is a glorious slab of pop; ‘Secret Country’ is driven by fun riffs, and ‘Into The Mirror’ is a classic, jangling Minus The Bear track.

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