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Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead

Mike Haydock
Mike Haydock 14 August 2012 at 15.18

Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead Cover

Minus The Bear are back on form with 'Infinity Overhead'. Here's why...

Minus The Bear are averaging an album every year or two, but the shows they play aren’t getting any bigger. Are they stagnating? Certainly ‘Onmi’, their previous album, was too hit-and-miss to eradicate those fears. Thank god, then, for ‘Infinity Overhead’: MTB’s fifth album is better than ‘Omni’ in every way - richer in tone, more adventurous and, crucially, more cohesive. Guitarist Dave Knudson has rediscovered the sparkle to his riffs, blending bombast (‘Steel And Blood’) with delicious delicacy (‘Diamond Lightning’), and vocalist Jake Snider isn’t striving so hard to dominate the mix. The fluidity is back, all the parts gelling easily into a whole.

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