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Mimas - Lifejackets

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 30 October 2010 at 14.00

Mimas - Lifejackets Cover

Quirky Danish indie popsters have a schizophrenic quality about their music

Quirky Danish indie popsters Mimas might have a schizophrenic quality about their music that, at times, makes it sound like it was flung out in an afternoon’s practice but, don’t be fooled, this is music planned with military precision. The likes of ‘Rotting Rodents’ and ‘SMOM’ are so all over the shop only maximum effort could have gone into their creation. Musically, comparisons to Modest Mouse are obvious but nonetheless an important signpost to where this band are coming from. When they inject the quirkiness with a dash of maturity, as on ‘Manflu’, Mimas find a perfect balance revealing themselves to be a genuinely striking proposition.

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