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Milestones - Red Lights

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 15 February 2018 at 13.42

Milestones - Red Lights Cover

No one saw this coming.

Bigger, bolder and way more polished than their - already impressive - ‘Equal Measures’ EP, ‘Red Lights’ is a true statement of intent from these Manchester pop-punks. From epic, sweeping stadium anthems like ‘Against The World’ to poppy and nostalgic cuts like ‘This Is My Life’ - via heart-rending ballad ‘Counting Cars’ - they strike a balance between sentiment and grit, darkness and hope. It all adds up to a pretty significant swerve in direction, but one that, when you consider the honeyed melodies of ‘End Game’, dramatic flourishes of ‘Once Upon A Time’ and raw emotion of ‘Hold On’, should serve them well.

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