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Mew - ‘No More Stories’

Victoria Durham
Victoria Durham 8 September 2009 at 15.00

Mew - ‘No More Stories’ Cover

Mew have never been about instant gratification...

Arguably, Mew work best in a live setting, where their homemade film projections create a magical gig-going experience. The downside is that the band’s albums alone never quite do them justice. ‘No More Stories’ is a captivating record by a trio who, more than ever before, have juxtaposed memorable melodies with disjointed, left-field techniques. As a result, it feels less accessible than previous efforts, but that’s no bad thing. Mew have never been about instant gratification; they want to take you on a journey. Skewed, angular pop; shimmering lullabies; hushed romance; bold, clashing noise – you’ll visit it all, and you’ll definitely leave with a smile.

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