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Melt-Banana - Lite Live Ver 0.0

Alex Deller
Alex Deller 21 December 2009 at 18.20

Melt-Banana - Lite Live Ver 0.0 Cover

This is still the bat-shit crazy...

They may have downed guitars for the sake of synths and samplers but, make no mistake, this is still the bat-shit crazy Melt-Banana that have had you crawling the walls for the best part of 15 years. Alongside the scattering drum clatter, mind-warping sheets of screeching noise and the relentless blips, squeals and chirrups of Yasuko Onuki, there’s the occasional fluid sheen of shimmering synth drone and pockmarks of near prettiness. Therefore, while they’re always keen to keep you on your toes with eyeball-skewering bolts of noise, there can also be some downtime when the sugar jitters puff themselves out.

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