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Meat Wave - ‘The Incessant’

William Cross
William Cross 9 February 2017 at 15.14

Meat Wave - ‘The Incessant’ Cover

A beautiful mess.

Built around the brutally honest diary entries of frontman Chris Sutter, detailing his downward spiral in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown, ‘The Incessant’ constantly threatens to capsize.

Most songs come in around the two-minute mark, ‘Tomosaki’ and ‘Run You Out’ barking like a messier ’Menzingers, bizarre time signatures rearing their heads on ‘Bad Man’, all before the dirge-filled regret of ‘Birdland’ arrives.

It’s a challenging and, at times frustrating listen, with great melodies getting lost amongst the feedback – but it begs your attention nonetheless. 

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