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Mantric - The Descent

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 1 May 2010 at 14.00

Mantric - The Descent Cover

Death metal disgruntled petulance...

Not wanting to overly stereotype a large section of music that comes out of Scandinavia (in Mantric’s case, Norway), the key ingredients for the ‘sound’ are here: sweeping melodies, guitars that sound like they’re being played in an orchestral hall, and slightly anal, clearly spoken vocals. Striving to push themselves further however, Mantric, who are former members of extreme metallers Extol, intersperse the confusingly popular with a healthy dose of death metal disgruntled petulance, to a rather unsettling effect. Each song has been constructed upon so many layers of different ideas that they struggle to develop into something truly substantial. A clichéd hit and miss effort.

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