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Manchester Orchestra - ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’

Mischa Pearlman
Mischa Pearlman 20 July 2017 at 15.04

Manchester Orchestra - ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’ Cover

Manchester Orchestra are back with another spellbinding album.

Manchester Orchestra have never stuck to one formula, so it’s no surprise that this fifth ‘proper’ full-length once again expands and evolves their range.

Full of textured, wide-screen soundscapes – no doubt inspired by frontman Andy Hull and guitar / keyboard player Robert McDowell creating the Swiss Army Man movie soundtrack – the record dips its feet in electronic waters, yet retains the emotional vulnerability that has always defined the Atlanta band.

There’s an extra dose of sinister unease, too, especially on ‘Lead, SD’ and ‘The Moth’. It’s another unexpected twist in the band’s intriguing and always heartfelt narrative.

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