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Malevolence - Reign Of Suffering

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 23 November 2013 at 16.25

Malevolence - Reign Of Suffering Cover

"For once, the hype is entirely justified..."

Vicious, relentless, and without a whiff of filler, Malevolence’s debut album is a slab of pit-ready gold. ‘Reign Of Suffering’ sees the Sheffield wrecking crew armed to the teeth with monolithic groove and ready for a tussle, with ‘Eternal Torment’ and ‘Condemned To Misery’ equal parts precision-guided modern metal and pure hardcore fury. For every gut-busting breakdown there’s a beguilingly complex riff around the corner, with ‘In The Face Of Death’ a collision of Hatebreed chug and Lamb Of God shred (via Northern England), and ‘Delusions Of Fear’ building to a genuinely electrifying finale. For once, the hype is entirely justified.

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