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Love Amongst Ruin - Love Amongst Ruin

11 September 2010 at 14.00

Love Amongst Ruin - Love Amongst Ruin Cover

The ex-Placebo sticks man has a lot to get off his chest

Love Amongst Ruin could be considered somewhat of an accusatory middle finger to Steve Hewitt’s former band mates Placebo. Stepping out from behind his drum kit for an exercise in catharsis through confessional, you’ve got to wonder who exactly Hewitt has in mind when he vents “I don’t like what it takes to be you. How did you become this desperate human?” on ‘So Sad’. Despite the obvious emotional baggage on display, ‘Love Amongst Ruin’ reveals itself to be an intelligent, complex and confident effort that’s delivered with an energy and determination that seeks to redefine Hewitt as a credible artist in his own right.

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