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Live Updates: Slam Dunk South

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 May 2014 at 20.21

Live Updates: Slam Dunk South

All the coverage from Slam Dunk South as it happened, featuring Kids In Glass Houses, Less Than Jake, letlive, The Ghost Inside, State Champs, Crown The Empire + more!

Stage times: Slam Dunk South | Slam Dunk Midlands

RIGHT! We're out of here. Always time for one final photo of Jason letlive. before we go though, right?

We'll be back with more Slam Dunk goodies tomorrow including galleries of letlive., Kids In Glass Houses and Less The Jake, plus Sean Smith is doing this over at all day long from Slam Dunk Midlands. G'NIGHT!


2255:Kids In Glass Houses aren't sticking around for much longer. Andy Biddulph caught their headline set:
""Has anyone seen us before?" asks Kids In Glass Houses frontman Aled Phillips at the halfway point of one of their final festival sets ever. If the huge singalongs to their run through seminal album 'Smart Casual' weren't proof enough, the screams that follow confirm that pretty much everyone present has. An exuberant jive through their first album aside, the band bust out 'Sunshine' and end on an equal parts riotous and poignant 'Matters At All'. Judging by tonight, an awful lot of people are going to miss this band when they're gone."

2241: Rob Sayce is back from Less Than Jake
"Seen one Less Than Jake show? You've pretty much seen them all. It's never any less of a riot, though, and tonight they compress a carnival's-worth of brass and plenty of stupidly catchy hooks into just over an hour. The ska-punk vets deliver dance contests, terrible jokes and some of the fest's most impressive gurning. File under job well done."


2214: 15 Seconds At Slam Dunk with... Ben Ray. How could we not?.

2213 "letlive. made me bleed!" Our Hatfield photographer Ben Gibson, there. You'll see why shortly. This was him earlier, before he left.

That hardhat's been getting around today.

2140: Meanwhile, letlive. have been busy being letlive. Andy Biddulph reports back:
"Their reputation for an incendiary live show means curious observers of all ages and genres are watching letlive, on the Monster Stage tonight. The setting sun lends their set an apocalyptic feel as they rip through 'Banshee (Ghost Fame)' and 'The Sick, Sick 6.8 Billion', while Jason Butler does his best to climb every available surface and rips the sponsor's banner from the stage, brandishing it in some kind of taurine-fuelled call to arms. A final blast of 'Renegade '86' caps an explosive set from a band that gets more exciting by the show."


2116: Our lad Rob Sayce is getting everywhere today. Here's what he has to say about The Ataris:
"On their day, The Ataris are still an essential summer band. Thankfully for everyone involved there are no firings or band implosions here, just fast, catchy pop-punk by the truckload. 'Boys Of Summer' is an obvious highlight and while the set isn't flawless, it's loads of fun. Which is the whole point, really."


2035: Our pics are in from The Ghost Inside. There's lots of:

a) pointing

b) guitar face

c) Matty Arsenault!

For the full gallery, head to this link.

Here's what Rob Sayce has to say on The Ghost Inside
"You can always rely on The Ghost Inside to unleash chaos. They take the "OPEN THIS FUCKING PLACE UP!" trophy today, threatenging to level the local area with cuts like 'This Is What I Know About Sacrifice'. It's jaw-droppingly heavy stuff, delivered with passion. Great, in other words."

2010: Pop-punk man Andy Biddulph is still slugging away, here's what he made of Real Friends.
"For any band - let alone a band who are still two months out from the release of their debut album - following the likes of Neck Deep and State Champs would be a tricky prospect. Not for Real Friends. Their brand of sleepy-eyed, bony-kneed pop-punk goes down a treat, and the roaring response to the likes of new track 'Loose Ends' and 'Late Nights In My Car' leaves moustachioed frontman Dan Lambton grinning from ear to ear.

1948: Rob Sayce on Marmozets just now:
"Marmozets are among the day's hot tickets, packing out the Cheer Up stage (and then some). They're on impressive form, too; Becca Macintyre's vocals are sharped than ever, and their newer material like 'Why Do You Hate Me' sounding noticeably more cohesive. Everyone goes batshit, naturally. Bigger stage next year, please!"

1931: Just bumped into Si Don Broco and he's having a GREAT time supporting some friends...

1905: Rob Sayce is our man down at The Devil Wears Prada...
"It's hotter than Death Valley out here as The Devil Wears Prada tear shit up - but that doesn't deter them much, and they perform like men possessed. If they sound a little ragged and muddy in the process, it's hard to begrudge. Forty minutes and a gallon of sweat later, they bow in a blizzard of strobes. Beer o'clock?"

1855:Take a guess who this guy's watching.

Obviously, he's watching State Champs

1825: So State Champs just played the Atticus Stage, and Andy Biddulph was there to witness the mayhem...
"This is pop-punk's year, and State Champs are making a very good fist of becoming the flagship band of the genre's new wave. Solid gold anthems like 'Critical', 'Simple Existence' and a chaotic finale of 'Elevated' spawn crowdsurfers and huge pits the likes of which we haven't seen this weekend. Add into the mix that they're one of the tightest bands in the business just one album into their career, and it isn't at all hyperbolic to mark them as one of the best - if not the best - band of Slam Dunk 2014."

1706: Caliban, giving it some serious BASS FACE earlier.

Click here for the full Caliban Slam Dunk gallery.


Rock Sound scribe Rob Sayce has some words on Verses from earlier:
"Underrated for too long, Verses have become one of Britain's most polished live acts, and this year's festival finds them in a celebratory mood. 'Live In The Sky' is a euphoric highlight, capping half-an-hour's' worth of soaring, melodic rock. The reaction's kind of tepid at times, but you can't win them all."


1607: Here's a word from Deaf Havana's James Veck-Gilodi confirming the worst-kept secret of the weekend...

1528: Just stumbled across this character down at the Macbeth signing tent. He's lacking a skateboard but we'll forgive him. LOOK AT THE BEARD!

1500: Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph just caught Caliban over on the Monster Stage. Here are his thoughts:
"The sun is beating down and the cider is flowing, but you know what isn't usually a must for a scorching Bank Holiday weekend? German metalcore. With that said, Caliban - who emerge blinking into the blinding sunlight - impress in a setting that's far from home, both literally and metaphorically. 'I Am Nemesis' in particular rips, and walls of death, loads of crowdsurfers and a litany of beatdowns ensure their set is full of good, dirty fun."

1424: This was the The All-American Rejects in Leeds last night. Click here for the full gallery. All shots for Rock Sound by Carla Mundy.

1322: We are go! Now where's the pizza stand?

1255: Our gallery of Mallory Knox in Leeds yesterday has just gone live. OH DIDN'T THEY DO WELL!

Click on the image above to check out the full gallery


1232:We're here and it's SUNNY.




0903: MORNING! We're on the way down to Hatfield for day 2 of Slam Dunk Festival. We'll be bringing you live updates as soon as we're on site, but in the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Sean Smith looking really, really sad.

Sean will be taking over the Rock Sound Instagram on Monday all day long from Slam Dunk Midlands. Give us a follow over at see the fest through the Sean's eyes. And give him a hug if you see him, yeah? From us.

Oh and another reminder: Neck Deep will be doing the very same thing from Slam Dunk Wales on Tuesday...

Finally, while you wait for things to kick off today, head over to our Slam Dunk North liveblog to recap all of the fun from Leeds. We've got photos from Gnarwolves, Neck Deep, our 15 Seconds At Slam Dunk With... videos, featuring We Are The In Crowd, Motion City Soundtrack, The Devil Wears Prada, State Champs and more, plus our thoughts on the bands we watched yesterday

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