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Live Updates: Slam Dunk North

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 24 May 2014 at 19.51

Live Updates: Slam Dunk North

Everything that happened at Slam Dunk North featuring The All-American Rejects, We Are The In Crowd, Mallory Knox, Decade, Neck Deep, Bury Tomorrow, letlive., I Killed The Prom Queen & more!


Stage times: Slam Dunk North | Slam Dunk South | Slam Dunk Midlands

For a full gallery of The All-American Rejects, follow this link. 2224: Online Ed Andy Ritchie reports back from The All-American Rejects: "Strutting on stage and bursting out with 'Dirty Little Secret', The All-American Rejects open with a move to hit out at the naysayers who said they weren't the right band to headline Slam Dunk Festival this weekend. Their hour-and-a-half set is a mixed bag. 'Swing Swing' and 'Move Along' are the obvious highlights, though there's a dampening middle section that sees 'Mona Lisa' doing its very best to murder the mood and a limp 'It Ends Tonight' nearly kills it completely. A finale of 'Gives You Hell' and 'The Last Song' means everything ends on a positive note, but as Tyson admits himself early on in the set, a lot of people here haven't heard half of these songs in their life."


2209: Pictures of Neck Deep from earlier? SURE!


Click the image above to view the full gallery. All shots by Carla Mundy for Rock Sound.

Reviews Ed Andy Biddulph just made it back from Mallory Knox all flustered. A man totally bowled over! "21:40: Mallory Knox played the Main Stage here last year and in all honesty, they weren't all that great. Fast forward 12 months, however, and they're a band rejuvenated. Hits like 'Death Rattle' and a brooding run through '1949' sound crisp, clear and completely huge, and they're only matched by the massive singalongs that accompany them (alongside a frankly outrageous wall of death). A triumphant finale of 'Lighthouse' means this band could well become genuine contenders to headline a festival like this soon. Very soon."

2005: Jack Rogers is back from Feed The Rhino: "Say what you want about Feed The Rhino, but you can't take your eyes off them when they get on a stage. Everything is there to be climbed on. Nothing is impossible. With a piece of the ceiling snapping off before they even start, the room soon swells to a limb-strewn mess and we're edge back towards to bar to keep our own limbs safe. They might not be one of the most obvious highlights on the line-up, but frontman Lee Tobin could, honestly, give Jason Butler a run for his money."

2000:Online Editor Andy Ritchie reports back from We Are The In Crowd in the main hall: "It's fair to say that We Are The In Crowd have paid their live dues in the UK by now, and tonight it feels like watching something of a homecoming. 'Long Live The Kids' serves its purpose as the emotional, climactic set-opener, and despite a lacklusture start, Tay hits an energetic peak in 'The Best Thing (That Never Happened)' that over the next 25 minutes never waivers. By the time it's over, We Are The In Crowd have proved that they've got the songs and the energy to come back and headline this thing next year.

For a full gallery of We Are The In Crowdat Slam Dunk North head here.

1940: Pop-punk aficionado Jack Rogers liked Neck Deep earlier. A lot. "Between selling out shows across the globe and preparing to take over America on Warped Tour, Neck Deep have managed to fit packing out the Atticus Stage into their busy schedule and in doing so, they've triggered pop-punk pandemonium. Playing a mix of old and new and having every world screamed right back at them, their set is proof that his band is a force to be reckoned with and way more than just a bundle of hype..." ...and here's the proof!

1925:We managed to capture one of the biggest singalongs of the day, and you'll never guess what it was...

1910: Andy Biddulph just got back from Motion City Soundtrack over on the Main Stage, and he wasn't convinced. "With the hottest properties in pop-punk currently ruling the roost over on the Atticus Stage, old-timers like Motion City Soundtrack need to up their game. The singalongs that greet 'A Lifeless Ordinary' and 'When You're Around' prove there's enough life in the old dogs yet, but only just enough."

1857:Gnarwolves: this is how they do.

Click the image above to see the full gallery!

1751:We just nabbed We Are The In Crowd's Tay Jardine for her 15 Seconds At Slam Dunk video. It's possible we confused her. SORRY TAY.

1735: More from Andy Biddulph down in the Macbeth Stage. He's just caught a bit of I Am The Avalanche and it sounds like he's having a lovely time. "Never a band to do thing at any less than 100mph, punk stalwarts I Am The Avalanche stride onto the Macbeth Stage and promptly rattle through 'I Took A Beating', stomp all over 'Gratitude' and soar on 'The Shape I'm In' to make for an uber-fun set that spans their nine-year career and boasts at least twice as many hooks." Altogether now: "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BROOK-LYN DOD-GEEEEEERS!"

1730: Our first set of Slam Dunk live snaps has just been delivered. Click on the picture below to see a full gallery of Decade's set. All shots by Carla Mundy for Rock Sound.

1707: Andy Biddulph has just come back from seeing Natives down on the Cheer Up Clothing stage: "The late afternoon festival slot is always a tough one. People are beginning to flag, or realise quite how drunk they are - and at the very least everyone is in need of a good feed - meaning Natives need to bang out the old "Sit down, jump up!" trick today. It works a treat, though, and has the crowd bouncing through the likes of 'This Island' like it's 1pm again."

1635: Resident RS punk Jack Rogers reports in from Gnarwolves' set down in the Macbeth stage: "For just three blokes, Gnarwolves can make an awful racket. Their fast skate punk tunes are designed for dingy clubs and bars, but they sound like they're playing an arena today. Bashing out 'Coffee' and "melody Has Big Plans' and still having room for a new tune, the Brighton boys could find themselves getting comfortable in rooms this size."

Hey everybody, LOOK! It's Macbeth stage headliners Less Than Jake!

1613: They've just come off stage and barely had time to wash, but here's our 15 Seconds At Slam Dunk With... Modern Baseball!

1552: Rock Sound scribe Jack Rogers chimes in from the Macbeth stage: "Playing a set mostly made up of songs from their debut album 'Good Luck', Decade sound tight, enthusiastic and owerwhelmingly humbled by the support they're receiving right now. With 'Woke' and 'Brainfreeze' inciting rapturous singalongs, these Bath boys are currently going from strength to ridiculously catchy strength."

Expect a full gallery of photos from Decade's set to come... shortly!

1528: There's a mini skateboard doing the rounds in the press area, and Jason letlive. just got hold of it...


1500: RS Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph reports in from the main stage: "Kicking off proceedings on the Main Stage, Blitz Kids are doing a very good job of sounding absolutely HUGE. Loads of arms pointing skyward and shot voices after 'Run For Cover' and a ballsy 'Sometimes' mean we'll even forgive Joey for asking "Are we all having a good night?" at half two in the afternoon."


1420: 15 seconds at Slam Dunk with... State Champs!

1355: Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre gives us 15 seconds of this time...

1333: Our first 15 Seconds At Slam Dunk video with.... Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

1233: WE'RE HERE! And our lad Andy Biddulph has just gone for a reccy to see what's going on down at the stages:

1040:Follow us on Instagram (@rocksound) for quickfire video updates from as many bands as we can fit in this weekend.

1020: Killing time on the train, we've made a playlist of the Slam Dunk line-up's best tracks. You can JUST about squeeze the whole thing in before doors open. That's a challenge.

0930: A word from our Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph.

Are you in the queue already at Leeds University? Tweet us and tell us what you see!

0923: Someone's up early...

0915: MORNING! We're on the train to Leeds. It's raining, but that's not killing our vibe because POP-PUNK. ANYWAY, here's a sitemap for Slam Dunk North today, courtesy of the fest's website.

IT'S SATURDAY, May 24th, which means Slam Dunk Festival is finally about to kick off. It's a little early right now, but we'll be updating as soon as we're awake. In the meantime, why don't you have a look at what we got up to last year? We took some photos...

Full gallery of The Wonder Years, slot at Slam Dunk South 2013 by Ben Gibson

Full gallery of Pierce The Veil, shot at Slam Dunk South 2013 by Carla Mundy ...and we filmed some bands playing their songs...

Deaf Havana playing 'Hunstanton Pier' at Slam Dunk North 2013

All Time Low playing 'Somewhere In Neverland' at Slam Dunk North 2013

Mallory Knox performing 'Wake Up' at Slam Dunk North 2013 ...we also wrote some words about what happened at Slam Dunk South. But overall, we had FUN. Let's do the same this weekend, yeah? Join us this weekend at: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube Slam Dunk North stage times | Slam Dunk South stage times | Slam Dunk Midlands stage times

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